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The Who and What of Theosophy

The Who

The Theosophical Society is composed of students, belonging to any religion in the world or to none, who are united by their approval of the Society’s Objects, by their wish to remove religious antagonisms and to draw together men of goodwill whatsoever their religious opinions, and by their desire to study religious truths and to share the results of their studies with others.

Their bond of union is not the profession of a common belief, but a common search and aspiration for Truth. They hold that Truth should be sought by study, by reflection, by purity of life, by devotion to high ideals, and they regard Truth as a prize to be striven for, not as dogma to be imposed by authority. They consider that belief should be the result of individual study or intuition, and not its antecedent, and should rest on knowledge, not on assertion.

They extend tolerance to all, even to the intolerant, not as a privilege they bestow but as a duty they perform, and they seek to remove ignorance, not to punish it. They see every religion as an expression of the Divine Wisdom and prefer its study to its condemnation, and its practice to proselytism. Peace is their watchword, as Truth is their aim.

Theosophy is the body of truths which forms the basis of all religions, and which cannot be claimed as the exclusive possession of any. It offers a philosophy which renders life intelligible, and which demonstrates the justice and the love which guide its evolution. It puts death in its rightful place, as a recurring incident in an endless life, opening the gateway to a fuller and more radiant existence. It restores to the world the Science of the Spirit, teaching man to know the Spirit as himself and the mind and body as his servants. It illuminates the scriptures and doctrines of religions by unveiling their hidden meanings, and thus justifying them at the bar of intelligence, as they are every justified in the eyes of intuition.

Members of the Theosophical Society study these truths, and Theosophists endeavour to live them. Everyone willing to study, to be tolerant, to aim high, and to work perseveringly, is welcomed as a member, and it rests with the member to become a true Theosophist.


The What

The first question you probably asked yourself when you first heard of us was "What is Theosophy?"
It is not easy to define but it comes from two Greek words THEO meaning Divine and SOPHIA which means Wisdom. This is the wisdom, which underlies and underpins all of the world's great religious teachings and classical philosophies.

Let us look at the primary meanings of the word Wisdom:

The ultimate truth = Wisdom.
The body of writings or teachings regarding humanity and the universe knowledge.

We could say that knowledge can be conveyed to another whereas wisdom cannot.

But wisdom and knowledge can often be poles apart. The courses we run are designed to give you the knowledge whereby you may find your own wisdom. This knowledge has been handed down throughout the ages by initiates, seers, wise people and adepts and referred to in all the great scriptural and philosophical texts of humanity.

Theosophists understand that by studying and meditating on this knowledge and by putting it into practice through living a life of high ideals, we might, from that moment, begin realising divine wisdom from within ourselves.

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